Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Doorbell Review

Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Doorbell Review
Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Doorbell



Full HD, Dual band wifi, Works with Alexa


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Get a crystal clear full-HD picture of your home, from anywhere at any time.

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These days, we seem busier and busier with less time spent at home. Just because we’re not around, that doesn’t mean the world will stop for us and we could have a visitor, package deliveries, or other people arriving at our home without us being the wiser.

The smart doorbell revolution has the answer to this problem and gives homeowners a way to be there at home when people come knocking, while you could potentially be miles away. Smart doorbells allow you to virtually check in on your home when you can’t be around, so it adds security and efficiency that we’ve never seen possible before.

Finding a smart doorbell that truly makes life easier can be a challenge though, with so many products out there today all claiming to have the best features around. If you’re after a simple approach to starting your smart home and want reliable functions without a supermassive price tag, there are a few choice options out there that meet the criteria.

Zmodo makes smart doorbells that are fully functional, modern, and packed full of cool features to entice. They’ve managed to design a simple smart doorbell that’s just what you need without having too many confusing features, difficult setup, or scary price tag, so it’s a great entry-level way to get the smart home you’ve been dreaming about.

About The Product

Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Doorbell Wit Alexa

Zmodo calls themselves the smart home experts, and it’s pretty obvious that they can stand behind this claim when you see their products. They’ve been in the home security and smart home market for years and are known as one of the leading companies around, so you can feel pretty safe putting your trust in them.

There are plenty of smart doorbells on the market today and not all of them can boast about the features that Zmodo Greet Pro has. Although they’ve packed it full of great benefits, it’s also simple to use and perfect even for the least technology-minded among us. When you make the choice and choose their smart doorbell over the competition, you’ll be getting:

  • 180 degrees of viewing for a full picture;
  • 1080p resolution for high definition visuals;
  • Supports dual-band Wi-Fi networks;
  • Cloud services for no additional cost to review, customize and save;
  • Instant alerts to mobile phone and door chime;
  • Recorded voice messages can be played to visitors;
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo range;

The Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Doorbell was designed to make your life easier. Whether you can’t be bothered walking down the stairs to open your door and greet visitors or want to know who’s visiting and what’s going on at home when you’re not there, this is the simple device that lets you do it all and more.

What Others Say

This is a great doorbell in terms of the motion sensor and it will react a lot quicker than other models on the market. As soon as it detects someone you’ll get a notification if you choose to have it on that setting, and because it’s got superior night vision and high def visuals, you’ll be able to see every minor detail.

Another great feature this doorbell has that others don’t is the ability to see the camera whenever you want, instead of waiting for the motion to be picked up. Just ask Alexa to show you the door and she’ll happily oblige, or use the app that comes from Zmodo to check in as needed.

Despite all of the rave reviews about the quality of the doorbell, there were some unhappy customers who didn’t like the Zmodo customer service and support. If you’re paying extra for the cloud service you may want to reconsider, because according to some reviews they don’t seem to have this part of their business up to scratch.

Hopefully, this is something that could be improved as the rest of the device works well, but without this support, it loses some value.

Buying Advice

Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Doorbell Box

The smart home market is exploding in recent years, and it seems the best place to get your hands on a deal is online. Amazon has a huge selection of these devices available and they offer a great price for the Zmodo range as well. Their Greet Pro Doorbell currently costs around $160 thanks to a sale that’s given it almost 10 percent off.

Another bonus of shopping with Amazon is their free shipping, and free express shipping if you’re one of their lucky Amazon Prime members. This extra saving of no freight further adds to the value so it’s a smart place to do your Zmodo shopping.

Zmodo stands behind the quality of their products and offers customers a lengthy three-year warranty period on this doorbell. This is fantastic for your peace of mind and means the cost is well worth it because you know it’ll be serving you well for all of these years.

When you look at other smart doorbells around it’s hard to find something with this type of warranty, and it’s a major selling point.

Final Verdict

Smart doorbells are an easy way to get into the smart home setup and one like the Zmodo Greet Pro is a great place to start. This amazing device will keep your home safe from unwanted visitors, let you check in as needed, and save you a lot of hassle from making your way to your front door.

Smart devices like this are the way of the future and this one proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get something that’s high quality and packed with features. To equip your home with the Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Doorbell and see what a difference it makes, click on the button below to get one for yourself.

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