Ring Smart Doorbell Review

Ring Smart Doorbell Review
Ring Smart Doorbell



Easy installation, Fully customizable, Works with Alexa


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Stay connected to home with motion-activated alerts, HD video and two-way talk from Ring Video Doorbell.

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The goal of any homeowners is to have a safe home free from intruders, but also to make their whole home setup more efficient. The rise of the smart doorbell hopes to solve some of these problems by offering a way to check in on who’s at your door and keep an eye on things when you’re not around.

There are plenty of smart doorbells on the market, but for most people, the costs are simply too high. Because of the price, people go without the added security and convenience that they offer in the hopes that one day they’ll be able to afford this ingenuity for their own family.

Imagine then, a smart doorbell that was well within the budget of most homeowners and one that synced up with your existing Alexa setup. There is such a doorbell available that can do all of the modern features of others but at about half the cost, so there’s no longer any excuse not to start upgrading your home.

The Ring Smart Doorbell is the first generation device from this brand, and although there’s a newer one out this is the ideal choice for those on a budget. You’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a smart home without the huge cost, so you can see just how efficient and safe it can be to use this new technology.

About The Product

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Ring is one of the smaller brands trying to make their way into the smart home market, and at present, they only really offer devices that qualify as smart doorbells. Their Ring Smart Doorbell is their biggest seller and is the first generation model that was released a couple of years ago.

There’s a newer second generation device available, but for those on a budget, this one has more than enough.

The Ring Smart Doorbell works with your Alexa setup so that you can receive notifications whenever someone’s at your door. Having the added security of a doorbell like this might not be obvious until you see everything it’s capable of, including the following features:

  • Alerts and announcements when motion is detected at your door;
  • See, hear, and speak to visitors through the camera;
  • Check in on your home whenever you like through the Ring app;
  • Can be used with or without existing doorbell setup;
  • Lifetime Theft Protection in case your doorbell is ever stolen;
  • Uses HD video and night vision to monitor your home around the clock;

The thought of a smart doorbell like this sounds pretty futuristic, but this type of technology is being used now by so many smart homeowners. You’ll be able to see who’s at your door before they even ring the doorbell, talk to them through a two-way chat, and keep an eye on things when you’re away from home, on holidays, or at work. 

With all of this possible in a budget-friendly device, there’s no excuse not to start upgrading your home.

What Others Say

It’s hard these days to find a smart doorbell for around $100 but they’ve managed to create it with this one from Ring. As it’s the first gen model you can expect a little less than perfect quality compared to the newer model, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fully operational and functional as a smart doorbell.

Some customers have commented on the poor quality of the motion sensor and found that when people are walking away from their door then it finally turns on. This could be a problem as you want it to detect them as they arrive, so if this is happening with yours then you might want to order a replacement.

The video and audio quality on this device are both exceptional, especially considering it’s an older model. You can easily see a lot of detail when the camera is on and will be able to have loud and clear conversations with people through the doorbell. Even if the motion sensor is a little slow, this is a saving grace that further adds to its great value.

Buying Advice

Ring Smart Doorbell

Most tech stores usually get rid of first generation models to make way for the newer and more expensive ones, so if you want to give the Ring Smart Doorbell a try you can get it through Amazon. You’ll pay around $100 for this amazing device and that also includes free postage, so it saves you from lining up at the store as well.

This device comes with a Lifetime Theft Guarantee from Ring. This means, if for some reason your doorbell is stolen and you don’t get it back, they’ll replace it free of charge. They stand by the quality and security of this doorbell so it’s some added peace of mind that won’t cost a thing.

You’ll get a one-year limited warranty on the device itself, which isn’t that impressive when you look at others on the market. Therefore, you really need to take care of the doorbell and try to keep it out of the weather. For those who want a little more, you might even consider upgrading to the next-gen model to see what other features it has to offer.

Final Verdict

Smart doorbells can certainly make our lives a lot easier and our homes a lot safer, and Ring has proven you don’t have to spend a fortune for these benefits. This early model smart doorbell has all the necessary features and functions to make it fantastic value and help you start making the switch to a smarter way of living.

This affordable device is easy to use and will really save you a lot of hassle when it comes to security and safety at home. To find out what else the Ring Smart Doorbell has to offer and whether it’d be a good fit for your house, click on the button down below.

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