EcoBee3 Lite Smart Thermostat Review

EcoBee3 Lite Smart Thermostat Review
EcoBee3 Lite Smart Thermostat



Save money, Easy install, Control from anywhere


Lack of sensors


The ecobee3 lite is the smarter thermostat that helps you live better and save more.

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Taking the plunge to turn your regular home into a smart home is no easy feat. There are so many products to consider that can make your home more efficient, and so many different brands out there all promising to be the best.

One problem that many of these smart devices have is their lack of compatibility. If you purchase just one of their products, like a smart thermostat, you’ll have to ensure that the rest of your smart home set up is also made by them, otherwise, you could find that your new home it’s really as efficient and compatible as you were led to believe.

What the new smart homeowner needs is a brand of devices that can fully integrate with other systems so that they have the option to pick and choose the best of the best. If you’re looking for a smart thermostat and simply want one that ticks all of your boxes without having to worry about compatibility, we’ve got an affordable solution.

The EcoBee3 Lite Smart Thermostat is compact and plays well with others, compared to some brands that are leading the market. If you’ve been waiting for your chance to upgrade your home into a smart place to live and want to start with your temperature control, check out what features this one has to offer.

About The Product

EcoBee3 Lite Smart Thermostat Room Sensors

EcoBee might not be one of the bigger names in the smart home market but they’re certainly starting to get some recognition. This brand has a great range of devices already in their lineup and they’re known for ingenuity, affordability, and efficiency, which is exactly what one looks for in their smart tech choices.

The EcoBee3 Lite Smart Thermostat has been designed to not only save you a lot of money on energy costs but also take some hassle out of life. It uses sensors and its own algorithms to detect the optimal temperature and ensure that you’re always feeling it, so you’ll be living in total comfort while you make life a lot easier for yourself.

There are plenty of smart thermostats on the market, but what sets this one apart is its compatibility. You can enjoy your EcoBee with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, just to name a few. In addition to this great compatibility and diversity, it’s packed full of other cool features, including:

  • Control with any Apple or Android device;
  • Room sensors sold separately;
  • Hands-free control with other smart home setups;
  • Easy installation that can be done in minutes;
  • Works with most residential heating and cooling systems;
  • 3.5” touchscreen for easy reading of the temperature;

With all of the cool functions it offers, you’re probably surprised to learn that this is a serious money saver as well. Without having to unnecessarily use heating and cooling when you’re not around, you have the potential to save up to 23 percent on your annual power bills, which is a lot more than other smart devices have promised.

What Others Say

What makes this such a standout in the smart home market is the way it works with so many other systems and devices. EcoBee understands that you might not want to use all of their devices in your home, so they’ve made it easy to sync up with others, which means you’re always able to choose the best deal and product.

One downside to this thermostat is the lack of sensors that come with it. Although they’re not required to use the system, they certainly make it a lot more efficient, so you’ll have to purchase them separately if you really want to get the best use out of it. Otherwise, the device will use your schedule and local weather to determine what the ideal temperature is to deliver.

This device needs to be hardwired to work, so you have to be prepared to spend a little longer in the setup stage. However, unlike those with battery power, there’ll be no need to perform recharges or worry about replacing batteries because it all runs reliably on your home electricity supply.

Buying Advice

EcoBee3 Lite Smart Thermostat Box

To start saving some serious money and take the hassle out of setting your cooling and heating every day, you can head to Amazon to grab the EcoBee3 Lite Smart Thermostat. This kit is available for just under $170 if you wish to purchase it as a standalone system.

For a kit with two sensors, it will cost around $250, or you can purchase the sensors separately at a later date if you need.

One thing that makes shopping here beneficial is their free shipping, so you won’t pay any hefty freight fees. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, they’ll gladly send your thermostat with express shipping so within just 48 hours you can benefiting from reduced energy costs and a super-efficient home.

EcoBee offers a massive three-year limited warranty on their device which is more than we’ve seen on other thermostats. This means that even if you get the extra sensors, you’ll still be paying off the EcoBee within just a year or two and still have plenty of coverage left on your warranty.

Final Verdict

In terms of compatibility and efficiency, the EcoBee is certainly one of the better smart thermostats on the market. You’ll be able to use it with just about any other smart home setup and make life a lot easier and more affordable with just one simple installation.

Smart homes are the way of the future, but using a smart thermostat doesn’t have to be daunting when it’s as easy as this one. To get the EcoBee3 Lite Smart Thermostat and see what savings it can bring your home, click on the button down below to grab one for yourself.

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