The Buying Guide To The Best Smart Thermostat

The Buying Guide To The Best Smart Thermostat

The time of the smart home is among us, and while many people think that these tech devices are only here to make our homes more futuristic, they actually have more purpose than that.

The smart thermostat is one of the most innovative accessories you can get for your home that will actually save you time and energy, give you greater control, and cut your power bill down by a significant amount.

Smart Home Thermostat Adjustment

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that even average households are wanting to install one of these top-rated thermostats in their home. However, with little knowledge about smart devices and not knowing exactly what one should be looking for, the search for the best remote thermostat can be a tricky one.

We’ve assembled this simple buying guide to not only show you what features you should be looking for in a smart thermostat but the best ones on the market. We’ve found leading models with different features and costs, so there’s bound to be the best fit for your emerging smart home.

Our Picks For The Best Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are one of the most easily accessible pieces of smart home technology and one that has many benefits for a household. There are now so many brands making their own devices now and so finding one that has the right benefits for you can be hard.

These are our recommendations for the best house thermostats around that will save you money and effort with their ingenuity.

Winner: Nest Learning Thermostat                      

Nest is one of the leading brands in the smart home revolution, so who better to trust with your very first smart thermostat?

Their Learning Thermostat does everything the name promises, and uses its special algorithms and sensors to figure out exactly what you need from your heating and cooling and deliver it to you without a fuss.

The Nest Learning Thermostat comes with something called Far Sight, which lets you view the temperature, weather conditions, and local time without having to squint or walk up to the device.

This is something that we all wish we could have had for years and adds a nice extra touch. You’ll also get to choose from copper, stainless steel, black or white designs to further customize it to your home.

This thermostat takes a little time to set up, but it’s well worth it. It’s one of the best wifi thermostats around and uses your existing internet setup to work. You’ll be able to control all basic heating and cooling functions from the one device, including air conditioning, heaters, heat pumps, fans, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers, just to name a few.

Nest creates their products to work with each other exclusively, so if you want your thermostat to link up to your lighting or home security, you’ll need to shop only with this brand for networking thermostats. You can control it through the app, using your Amazon Echo devices, or manually, but for the most part, these smart thermostats will do it all themselves.

According to the reviews, the app for this device is where it falls short a little. While people are thrilled with the thermostat and how it operates on its own, manually overriding things using the Nest app or getting them to sync up with other functions in your smart home can take some work. Hopefully, these bugs will be ironed out and an update will be available shortly, though.

If you can push aside these bugs and think about the savings it’s making, you’ll realize it not a huge deal. Nest states that you can reduce heating costs by around 12 percent and cooling by 15 percent, so eventually this nifty little device will end up paying for itself.


Runner-Up: EcoBee3 Lite Smart Thermostat

If you’re looking for the best remote thermostat that does things simply, you might want to check out the EcoBee3 Lite Smart Thermostat.

This works solely on sensors to figure out the hot and cold parts of your house and try to make things as comfortable as possible.

You can adjust it to your own personal settings, but the sensors will do most of the work.

This is a truly compatible smart home device so if you have a few different devices working together it’ll be a good fit, you can pretty much guarantee it.

According to EcoBee, this thermostat works with Samsung Smart Things, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit, just to name a few.

You can make manual adjustments of your thermostat from your mobile phone using the app on either Apple or Android devices. This means even if you’re not home but you want to get the house ready for your arrival, it takes a matter of seconds to change the settings.

Furthermore, there’ll be no getting out of bed in the mornings and suffering through the cold since you can do it all from under the blankets. When it came to setting up this device, there were some customers who weren’t too thrilled with the process. 

Apparently, it’s one of the more complex systems to install and what’s worse is that the EcoBee support team weren’t as friendly as people had hoped. If you’re not confident in your installation skills, you might want to consider going with a top rated wifi thermostat that’s easy to set up.

This is a pretty costly device considering you have to purchase the sensors separately or upgrade to a complete kit that comes with two included. However, it’s got the potential to save you almost a quarter of your energy bill which means it’ll pay for itself in no time at all, and look cool while doing it.


Alternative: Honeywell 9000 Smart Thermostat

Honeywell is another big name in smart home tech, and their thermostats range from basic to advanced.

The 900 Smart Thermostat is their best digital thermostat for those who don’t trust a machine to control their home’s temperatures and would rather do it for themselves with something they can easily program.

This device gives you a way to program your home’s heating and cooling for the next seven days. You’ll be able to see what weather conditions are forecast and plan ahead so you can take the hard work out of energy, while also saving yourself some money. 

There are no sensors paired with this thermostat so it won’t actually make changes for you on its own. If you’re after tech that’s a bit more intuitive and will take charge based on the actual surroundings and environment, you’ll need to spend extra to get something that can do so. However, for a digital thermostat that allows for remote controlling, this is the way to go.

The Honeywell 9000 Thermostat is Energy Star certified and comes with a special energy saving mode that can save you a lot of money on bills. It has a high definition touch screen and remote access that means you’ll never accidentally leave your heating or cooling on again, or have to suffer walking into a freezing cold house after work.

This thermostat requires professional installation so if you’re not someone who knows about these things, leave it to the experts.

You’ll need a C-wire connection which could put some people off, and opting for a simple Wi-Fi battery operated device might start to sound more attractive. Once installed though, it has a lengthy five-year warranty so you shouldn’t have to touch it again in that time.

This is a great option for those who want to upgrade to a digital thermostat that gives them remote access but aren’t quite ready for the device to completely take control. Once you get past the lengthy setup, it’s a quality device that has real potential to save you money and make your home more comfortable, so it’s definitely smarter than your average thermostat.


2nd Alternative: Emerson Sensi Thermostat

If you’re someone who prefers your gadgets to have just about every feature and function possible on them, you’ll love the Emerson Sensi Thermostat.

This model might be more expensive than most, but it’s all because of the feature-packed design that it offers.

You’ll spend a lot of time figuring out just how many things it’s capable of, so if you prefer simplicity then look away.

The Emerson Sensi Thermostat is a seriously smart device.

This means no more forgetting to turn off the air or heating when you leave or running systems when you’re not around, costing you far too much in wasted energy.

According to Emerson, the setup for the Sensi can be done in half an hour. According to reviews though, this isn’t the case. Most people claim they spent hours trying to get it to connect to their wireless and some homes found it wouldn’t work with their 5G connection.

However, these reviewers also claimed that the Emerson support team were helpful and quick to fix any problems, which is always nice to hear.

This is another device that offers compatibility, and it works with the HVAC equipment that you’ll already have in your home. You can also connect it to your home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so that temperature control can be done through them.

Otherwise, remote access is possible from your tablet or smartphone from literally anywhere in the world, giving you full control.

When it comes to savings, Sensi claims to be able to save around 23 percent on HVAC rating and it’s even Energy Star certified. You’ll help the environment, save yourself a whole lot of money, and get to enjoy this futuristic tech in your home, so there are certainly plenty of advantages to be found.

This is one of the most expensive thermostats on the market so if you’re not looking for all of the extra bells and whistles you can save yourself some money. However, for those who want intuition and innovation from their smart thermostat, the Emerson Sensi will not disappoint.


3rd Alternative: Honeywell Smart Color Thermostat

Another great option from Honeywell, but this time more expensive and more intuitive, is the Smart Color Thermostat.

This is a digital thermostat that can also give Smart Responses to help you achieve the ideal temperatures for comfortable and cost saving at home.

The Honeywell Smart Color Thermostat can be controlled remotely through your smartphone or tablet, as well as using the brightly colored touch screen. The programming features on this are very easy to use and you’ll be able to plan in advance what you want your temperature to be

It also works with a large number of home assistants like Alexa and Google which means they’ll help you control the temperatures, so you’ll find it’s compatible with pretty much everything.

The Smart Response function will do the work for you as it learns your schedule and the outdoor weather to determine what the best indoor temperature should be, so you don’t really have to give it a second thought. Otherwise, you can control from your remote access and ensure that your home is always in the ideal state.

This could be helpful when you’re going away on vacation or if know what weather is coming up, and the energy saving mode will save you a whole lot on your bill.

If you already have C-wires set up you’ll find this pretty easy to install. Even for those without existing C-wires, they can walk you through step by step to figure it out. However, if you’re having issues then the Honeywell support team has been known for their not so helpful nature, so be prepared to spend some time if you need help with setup.

For the cost, you’d expect a little more in the way of features and a lot more in the help given by the Honeywell customer service team. If you can look past these and want to benefit from its intuition, the Smart Color Thermostat from Honeywell is a great choice for your next thermostat.


The Features To Look For When Shopping For A Smart Thermostat

Adjusting Temperature On Smartphone

If you’re new to this type of tech you could feel a little overwhelmed with all of the features, functions, and terminology of a smart thermostat. Here are some basic things to keep in mind when you’re shopping around to ensure you choose the perfect fit.

Connectivity With Zigbee Or Z-Wave

These are ways that smart devices communicate with your Wi-Fi connection. Some devices will work with only one or the other, but it’s ideal to choose one that is compatible with both.

Connectivity With Other Smart Devices

A smart home usually has more than one device at work together, and if this sounds like your eventual goal for your household, you’ll want to look at a device’s compatibility with other products.

Mobile Support

Mobile support usually comes in the form of an app that allows you control from that one place. It can also include support from a service team that helps with issues as they arise, so finding one with 24/7 assistance would be ideal.


The quality of any smart device can be determined by looking at a few things. The reputation of the brand, online reviews, and feedback from customers, warranty coverage, and attention to detail in the design.

Extra Features

Smart thermostats can be basic in design or come with additional features, depending on your preferences. These might include energy reports, connectivity with Google or Amazon Home products, and more complex types of sensors.

The Smart Way To Improve Your Home

We’re always looking for ways to save money around the home, so when you can achieve it with a cool and futuristic device it’s even better. This is the next generation of home heating and cooling, and there’s no doubt it’s something that all homes will be fitted with in the future.

Smart thermostats are one of the most versatile types of tech because almost all of us have either a heating or cooling system in place at home. The potential to save so much money and take the hard work out of balancing temperatures is what makes them so appealing, and when you add the cool factor you see why they’re leading the smart home trend.

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