The Buying Guide To The Best Smart Doorbell

The Buying Guide To The Best Smart Doorbell

When you think back 30 years ago, the notion that one day we’d have a doorbell camera that let us keep an eye on who was visiting without ever leaving the sofa, it would sound like something pretty far off and futuristic. Thankfully for us, these front door cameras are now a reality and they’re known simply as smart doorbells.

A smart doorbell is probably the most important aspect of a smart home because it offers not only convenience but also safety.

Ringing On Smart Doorbell

When you have the right doorbell, it can help you communicate with guests at the front door from wherever you are, keep an eye on your home’s surroundings to make sure it’s safe, and notify you when they’re someone ringing your doorbell.

These devices are set to revolutionize the way we live and they’re just one part of the smart home setup. If you’re in the market for the best smart doorbell for yourself, you might have already realized that this is a crowded marketplace and finding something that’s affordable but quality can be a little hard to do.

This buying guide is here to solve all of that and we’ve hand-picked our top recommendations for the best video doorbell around. We show you what features are important for this device and which you can live without, and with all of this know-how you’ll become an expert on smart home accessories and know exactly what you should be spending your money on.

Our Picks For The Best Smart Doorbell

The smart home market used to be a small one, but now that everyone wants the benefits of these devices there are so many new brands on the market selling their own gear.

Rather than searching through all of the doorbell camera reviews yourself, we’ve narrowed it down to a few top picks that come in all kinds of styles and price ranges, to make life a little easier for you.

Winner: Ring Smart Doorbell

There are no rules that state a smart doorbell has to be convoluted just to be good, and Ring has proven that with their Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Doorbell.

This is the first generation model of their doorbell with another now out on the market, but for everything this one offers and the super low price, it definitely takes home the title of our top pick for best doorbell camera.

This doorbell pairs with Amazon Echo devices so that you can use the help of Alexa to make it really shine. 

She can check the front door for you, notify you when someone is visiting, and even let you see and hear your visitors and have a two-way conversation with them. This is certainly evolved compared to a standard doorbell and something that every home would dream of.

The doorbell security camera on this device is fantastic quality and it will feel as though you’re using something much more expensive, it even has a remotely activated siren that can scare away intruders.

The problem is in the sensor though, as it seems that it’s not quick enough to pick up visitors when they first arrive. Some people find that after they walk away, the video starts, so if you’re wanting to be extra vigilant this could throw you off a little.

This slight issue aside, there’s nothing to fault with this affordable doorbell. You’ll be able to completely monitor your home when you’re not around thanks to the HD visuals, and when the sun goes down it will turn on its night vision mode to keep an extra close eye on things.

If you’re away on holidays or at work, you don’t need to worry about what’s going to await you when you return because you’ve already seen it all. Some might be cautious to dip their toe into the smart home pond, but when you have something as easy to set up and use like this, there’s no need to worry. 

It’s fully Wi-Fi enabled so you don’t have to connect any wires and there’s no need to use tools or have special knowhow to set it up. You can completely customize it your specifications as they know there’s never a one size fits all approach for home safety.               


Runner-Up: Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Doorbell

If you’re someone who wants their smart doorbell to have the best of the best when it comes to visuals, you’ll appreciate the high definition design of the Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Doorbell.

This device comes from one of the leaders in smart home tech, Zmodo, and is a completely wireless doorbell camera that will connect to your home’s WiFi.

With a 1080p resolution and full 180-degree views of your front door and surroundings, you won’t miss any of the action at home. 

Even if you’re just sitting upstairs and don’t feel like chatting to visitors or are halfway across the world and want to check in with what’s going on, you’ll see every minor detail with the Zmodo device.

Aside from having the best front door camera, it’s got plenty of other cool features. You can set up a prerecorded message that will play for people when you’re not answering the door, or you can have a two-way conversation with them from just about anywhere.

There’s no need to walk to the door anymore if you don’t want to, and it keeps pesky intruders away with the knowledge that there’s always someone watching.

Setting up your Zmodo means paying a little extra for their cloud service, but’s it’s not necessarily a requirement. Some users have found their service to be quite poor which is a shame as the rest of the device is high quality, so if you want to be in contact with a support team this won’t be a good choice.

Installation is easy enough to do provided you don’t have to speak with their customer support and can handle it yourself. It links up with your home Wi-Fi but also Amazon Echo devices, so Alexa can do things for you like tell you when someone is knowing at the door or show you live feeds from the camera whenever you ask.

The lack of support is a bit of a letdown, but all other aspects of the Zmodo Greet Pro are more than worth the money. For a quality doorbell with a high tech camera system and fast response time, this is certainly one of the better options around.


Alternative: SkyBell Video Doorbell

SkyBell is one of the premium brands of smart devices on the market and they always seem to be taking home awards for their ingenuity.

This is a brand of smart tech for people with a little more to spend, and although it looks a lot sleeker than the competition there doesn’t seem to be any obvious way that it outperforms.

There’s no need to get a subscription either, which ends up saving quite a bit of money compared to others. The SkyBell Video Doorbell works with your Amazon Echo devices so that Alexa teams up and makes life a lot easier.

With her help and your dedicated SkyBell app, you can speak to visitors at the door, check on who’s hanging around, and even look at recorded video from the past seven days.

Sadly, this one didn’t take our top place due to some complaints from customers about the quality of the device. When it’s not working, it makes it known to anyone who can see it with flashing lights, so if you happen to be out of town you’ll be left with an obviously broken smart doorbell that could be even more welcoming to intruders than you’d hope for.

This issue aside, the SkyBell Video Doorbell is jam-packed with other features that make up for it. Not only does it have night vision, but full-color night vision, and get up to seven days of activity history whenever you want to see it.

With 1080p high definition visuals, 5x zoom and magnification, and 180-degree view it seems to be one of the better performers when it comes to the video display. This is ideal for people who need to see more detail from their front door, or who care more about the visuals they’re getting than the other functions of the doorbell.

At around $200 it’s pretty pricey without being over the top, and when you consider there’s only a one-year limited warranty that comes with it, you have to wonder what the cost is actually for. There’s no doubt the visuals are spectacular, so if this is your key requirement then it’s worthwhile, otherwise, there are cheaper options that can do just as well.


2nd Alternative: Aunex Video Doorbell

You’ve heard all about smart homes and have been dreaming about getting your very first piece of smart tech for your own house, but simply can’t afford it.

The Aunex Video Doorbell is the answer to your problems as one of the most affordable and innovative doorbells on the market that’s well within the budget of everyone.

The Aunex Video Doorbell works just like its expensive competitors and couldn’t be easier to set up.It’s battery operated or can be powered with electricity so there’s no hard wiring required, and it connects through Wi-Fi to make things simple to set up for those who don’t feel they’re technologically advanced.

It’s battery operated or can be powered with electricity so there’s no hard wiring required, and it connects through Wi-Fi to make things simple to set up for those who don’t feel they’re technologically advanced.

This doorbell does everything you’d hope for a smart doorbell, and it lets you view visitors as they arrive and even have a two-way conversation with them. This saves you from making the journey to your front door and also lets you check in when you can’t be at home. The cloud storage lets you keep a record of everything in case you want to review it at a later date.

For the price, you can’t expect the high definition visuals that the others offer, and judging by the reviews they weren’t the clearest around. The video playback function is where it suffers, so as long as you’re viewing visuals in real time this shouldn’t pose an issue but it does get rid of a whole lot of functionality because of the 720p level of quality.

This is a seriously protected device with safety and anti-theft measures built into it and it comes with a two-year limited warranty that is pretty impressive for something of this price. You’d be fooled into thinking the Aunex Video Doorbell was a lot more expensive than it actually is, and it’s the perfect way to start building your smart home.


3rd Alternative: Avantek Wireless Doorbell

If the thought of having a smart doorbell that records videos and lets you talk to visitors is a little too high tech at this stage, you might want to scale things back a little.

The Avantek Wireless Doorbell is still far more futuristic than your standard doorbell but not quite as modern as some of the other devices we’ve reviewed, so it’s the perfect middle ground.

Avantek is a creator of all things technology and their products are designed to offer more convenience and innovation than standard ones.

The Wireless Doorbell by Avantek is a completely wire-free device that outshines all others on the market, and most of it is thanks to the super long and impressive range.

The Avantek Wireless Doorbell is capable of reaching 400 meters or 1,312 feet, which you’d be hard-pressed finding in another model. This is ideal for larger homes or those who have interference issues, and it connects without the need for any complex wires or tools.

You’ll never miss the doorbell ringing even from the other end of a very large house thanks to the two receivers that come with it.

This is a high-performance doorbell in every sense of the word. Using a lithium battery that’s powerful enough to last for three years, you just set it all up and forget about it for super low power consumption.

It’s completely waterproof and dustproof for all kinds of outdoor conditions, and can withstand varying temperatures of -4 °F-140 °F. Snow, wind, rain, dirt, and debris are no match for this durable doorbell, and it’ll stand up in even the harshest weather.

If you’re someone who likes to do things a little different you’ll appreciate the 52 different tones you can choose for your doorbell. This could seem like overkill to some, but for people who are always changing their minds, it’ll be a welcome feature. For a modern doorbell that’s not quite as futuristic as the video styles, this is a great midway option.


What To Look For When Buying A Smart Doorbell

Ringing On Smart Doorbell

Smart home tech is still a relatively new concept to many Americans and shopping around for a device can be confusing at first. When you’re looking for your very first smart doorbell or want an upgrade, there are some features that you’ll have to ensure meet up with your home’s needs to get the right one.


Most smart doorbells run on a wireless connection and can be connected through your Wi-Fi setup. This is usually an easier option but it does come with some issues about the strength of signal and interferences.

Others are wired to the home and possibly connected to other systems like Z-Wave so think about your long term plans for a smart home transformation and how it fits with those.

Connectivity With Other Smart Devices

A good smart device should be easy to connect with your other devices, whether they’re the same brand or not. A smart doorbell might be connected to a lighting system or similar setup, so if you’re interested in adding more to your smart home this is something to consider.

Mobile Support

Most smart devices these days come with a mobile app that allows you to control from wherever you may be. It’s also ideal to look for 24/7 mobile support from a customer service team should you need on-the-spot help from a company representative.


Quality is pretty easy to spot with tech gear like smart devices. Firstly, you need to ensure you’re shopping with a reputable brand that has solid reviews. Secondly, a lengthy warranty coverage period should indicate that you’ve purchased something of good quality.


The security features can be light or heavy depending on what you need. Some smart doorbells come with alarms and sirens, can be connected to emergency services, have additional lighting, notifications sent to your devices, or even lock your doors on request.

A Necessity For Home Security And Convenience

There’s no doubt that smart doorbells will become the staple for homes across America in the coming years, so why not get ahead of the trend? This one simple device can add security and convenience to your house and put your mind at ease when you’re not around.

There are so many styles available with varying amounts of features, security, and price tags, so there’s sure to be the perfect smart doorbell to bring your house into the smart home future.

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